Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MaDora Frey's Studio Visit: May 11, 2012 by damali abrams

MaDora Frey is taking everyday objects and creating breathtaking photos with them.

MaDora walked me through her website, where her new body of work consists of photos of found objects such as shattered mirrors, concrete and fabric. Through her process of photographing these items and creating mirror images of them, she has found a way to make man-made objects look organic and to make elements from nature appear architectural. The images seem complex but the process is very simple. MaDora calls these images Rorschachs and if the pieces seem to resemble one thing too much, she alters them in some way.

MaDora photographs these objects outdoors and feels liberated that she is able to move away from he usual practice of painting in the studio and get outside into nature. Terms she uses to describe her work include intangible spirituality, kaleidoscopes, otherworldly, slick and glassy.

For the upcoming Collectively Assembled exhibit, I suggested that MaDora pursue her idea to turn these pieces into sculptures. As Anna Lise challenged me to create work using dance and large scale installation, I passed the challenge onto MaDora to allow herself to work in another discipline.